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Duplex is known for it’s stunning photography. 90% of buyers are searching for homes online, where they choose listings based on the photos. This highly competitive digital marketplace means that a successful sales approach demands images that stand out above the rest. All of our photo sessions include the highest quality cameras, lenses, and lights on the market, which means that it is always a luxury package. We ensure that every apartment is photographed in it’s best light before bringing the images back to our studio to be color corrected and retouched. Using state of the art equipment with innovative retouching techniques, we will provide full color, high definition images that will guarantee your listing outshines the competition. Every photoshoot considers the marketing strategy of the client, so that the descriptions and the photographs align.

  • 6 Photographs (Recommended for Studios/1 Bedrooms)…..….$195
  • 8 Photographs (Recommended for 2 Bedrooms)...….$275
  • 12 Photographs (Recommended for 3+ Bedrooms)...….$350
  • 15 Luxury Photographs* (Recommended for Townhouses)…….$550
  • Commercial spaces, please contact for a customized quote
* Luxury shoots include a walk-through consultation, more time on-site, and enhanced retouching techniques. Each additional image after 15: $35/each. Twilight/Night shoots available for an additional $195
* Please note that any appointments cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled start time will incur a $150 cancellation charge.

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With our guaranteed next-day-turnaround on all of our photoshoots, we provide you with service that exceeds expectations in every way. Top quality for an affordable price is now at your fingertips.